UK High Commissioner Apologised For Visa Delays; Advised Not to Book Flight Tickets Until You Get Visa


Given the massive delays in visa processing experienced by several countries including the Schengen States, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Indians planning a trip to the United Kingdom are advised to not book their flights until they have received their visas.

 Alex Ellis, Britain’s High Commissioner to India, on Friday in a video “apologised” for the visa delays and advised people not to book their flight tickets until they received their visas.

“A lot of you have been in touch about visa delays; many apologies, as I know this is causing a lot of problems. Here’s what we’re doing, and what you can do,” said Alex Ellis in a Tweet.

The United Kingdom expects an “unprecedented” number of Indian students to enrol in its colleges this fall, and Ellis says the High Commission is “doing everything we can” to ensure they receive their visas on time.


Reason Behind Visa Delays

Answering the main reason behind visa delays Alex said;

“Why is this (delays) happening? Firstly, because of an unprecedented surge in a demand for UK visas post-Covid. Secondly, because of global events, particularly the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

“What are we doing about it? We are putting more resources into this. We are training more people and we are keeping open the priority visa service, which many of you can use. You can help us by making sure you have the paperwork right,” he added.


“And my advice is don’t commit to your air tickets until you have got your visa to be on the safe side. We want to see an unprecedented number of Indian students coming to the UK this year and we will do everything we can to make sure that you get your visa on time. But again, follow the guide to the letter,” said Alex in his social media video.

UKVI Resumes Priority And Super Priority Visa Services

Beginning August 12, the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has reintroduced Priority services for new customers applying to the sponsored work routes (including global talent) and for students.

Notably, the VFS reduced the volume of PV appointments on July 15 to allow UKVI to process more standard applications and gradually reduce the overall processing time for all customers.

According to an update issued by the VFS Global, the Priority and Super Priority services for new study and work, which were previously suspended, have been restored; however, the PV and SPV for Family Visa remain suspended.


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