Work In UK: Govt Launches Job Portal to Address Labour Shortage, Over 1.6 Lakhs Jobs Listed

The UK government has launched a free job portal to combat the labour shortage by attracting foreign workers worldwide. With over 168,081 job listings available across various fields, including tech, teaching, construction, and hotel industry, the portal also has filters for UK regions.

Just like many other European countries, the United Kingdom is also currently experiencing a labour shortage, and the UK government has responded by launching a free job portal to attract foreign workers from around the world.

This initiative is expected to provide opportunities for people looking for work in the United Kingdom while also addressing the current labour shortage.

The portal has 168,081 job listings from all over the world, including teaching, construction, and the hotel industry, as well as filters for UK regions.

Job Listings and Fields

The job portal has over 168,081 job listings in all fields and professions and accepts applicants from all over the world.


The portal not only offers tech jobs, but also positions in teaching, construction, and the hotel industry. The availability of filters assists job seekers in locating opportunities across the United Kingdom.

Visa Statistics and Initiatives to Encourage Migration

UK Visa Application Form

In 2022, the United Kingdom issued 2,836,490 visas, and 25% of those visas went to Indian nationals, making India the top country to which the UK issued the most visas. This trend is expected to continue in 2023, as the UK government has taken measures to encourage migration.

India-UK Young Professionals Scheme

The India-UK Young Professionals Scheme is one such initiative, with the goal of attracting young graduates from India to live, study, travel, and work in the UK for up to two years. This programme promotes cultural exchange while also contributing expertise to both economies.

The scheme’s eligibility requirements include a bachelor’s degree or higher, a minimum amount of savings, and no serious criminal convictions. To integrate into UK society and positively contribute to the economy, they must also meet the English language requirement.

UK-India Young Professionals Scheme

Benefits of the India-UK Young Professionals Scheme

The British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis, praised the India-UK Young Professionals Scheme and called it an “excellent opportunity for India’s brightest young people.”

Despite talks of stricter immigration policies, the UK government’s efforts to invite more migrants are a positive step towards strengthening the relationship between India and the UK.

The record number of student visas and the 130% increase in work visas issued to Indian nationals in 2021 are indicative of the UK’s growing interest in Indian talent.

The India-UK Young Professionals Scheme is expected to further enhance the relationship between the two nations while also benefiting both economies.


The scheme provides an opportunity for young graduates to gain valuable work experience and contribute to the UK’s economy while also fostering cultural exchange and promoting the relationship between India and the UK.

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