UAE Visa: Residents Can Rectify Overstay Fines and Expired Permits in New Initiative

The GDRFA is offering assistance to residents, visitors, and tourists with visa-related issues at Deira City Center from February 25 to 27. The campaign aims to encourage compliance with the entry and residence laws of the country and will help individuals rectify their visa issues, regardless of the length of time they have overstayed their visas.

According to a media report, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in the UAE has launched a three-day campaign titled ‘A Homeland for All’ at Deira City Center to assist residents, visitors, and tourists with visa-related issues.

The campaign, which will run from February 25 to 27, aims to encourage compliance with the country’s entry and residence laws.

Assistance for Visa-Related Issues

Every day of the campaign, the GDRFA authorities will be stationed at a stall near Centrepoint in Deira City Centre from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Individuals with visa-related issues, such as those who have overstayed their permits or have expired documents, will be assisted at the stall.


In a social media post, Lt-Col Salem bin Ali, the Director of the Client Happiness Department at GDRFA, assured people that the campaign aims to assist anyone with visa issues, regardless of how long they have overstayed their visa period.

He emphasised that the staff will find a solution for all individuals and that people should not be afraid to approach the stand.

GDRFA - A Homeland for All

Penalties for Overstaying Visa Periods

Overstaying the permitted visa period in the UAE incurs a fine of Dh50 per day. This penalty also applies to visa cancellations and can be severe. According to GDRFA, the ‘A Homeland for All’ campaign will give UAE residents the opportunity to resolve any visa-related issues.

Recently, UAE-based travel agents claimed that if a tourist does not leave the country within five days after their visas have expired, they may be blacklisted and banned from entering the UAE or any other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country.


Final Words

The ‘A Homeland for All’ campaign offers an excellent opportunity for UAE residents who are facing visa issues. The presence of GDRFA officials at Deira City Center will assist individuals in resolving their visa issues, regardless of how long they have overstayed their visas.

The campaign is an important step towards encouraging adherence to the UAE’s entry and residence laws.

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