UAE Travel Update: All E-Visa Holders From India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal Can Travel To Sharjah


Update: Air Arabia has rolled back the decision, Passengers holding the newly issued E-visas are allowed to enter Sharjah only if they complete 14 days out of the restricted countries OR if they obtain prior approval from the UAE authorities.

Airports should get approval from Sharjah airport before accepting these passengers for travel.

Air Arabia, the Emirati low-cost airline on Thursday said on its website that all e-visa holders from India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are now allowed to travel to Sharjah.

They can travel to Sharjah irrespective of their Covid-19 vaccination status, the airline said in its latest update.


“All passengers traveling to Sharjah from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal with a residence, tourist, and employment e-visas that have recently been issued do not require prior approval or registration before entering the country,” the airline said.

This is one of nine categories of passengers from these countries allowed to travel to the UAE.

UAE Suspends Visa-on-arrival Facility For Indians

Earlier this week the airline also said that the UAE authorities have temporarily suspended the Visa-on-arrival facility for Indian passengers who are arriving from or have been in India in the past 14 days.

However, the airline has not stated ant specific reason for the suspension.


In response to a customer’s query, the airline said, “The UAE authorities have decided to temporarily suspend the Visa-on-arrival facility for passengers who are arriving from or been in India in the past 14 days. We’re working to update our website, please keep an eye on for the latest regulations.”

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