UAE Start Issuing Work Permits For Golden Residency Holders


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced the start of issuing work permits for Golden Residency holders.

The step is an implementation of the Cabinet resolution, under which work permits for Golden Residency holders were created.

The ministry stated that such permits are required in three cases. First are those who were unemployed when they received their Golden Residency, and wish to start working for a certain employer; second are Golden Residency holders who plan to start working for a new employer, and third, is when a current employer wishes to renew the work permit and contract of a Golden Residency holder.

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The ministry explained that the same rules and procedures related to the issuance of work permits and contracts apply to dependents registered on their parents’ residency, if they are applying for work and are Golden Visa holders.

Work permits and contracts concluded between employers and workers who receive the Golden Residency will remain valid, and subject to all applicable UAE legislations.

According to the ministry, fees prescribed and applicable fees for work permits for those outside the country, as well as fees for renewing and amending work permits and contracts, will also be applicable to Golden Residency holders.

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