UAE Launches New Service for Renewing Emirates ID and Passports from Abroad

The United Arab Emirates has launched a service allowing Emiratis residing outside the country to easily renew their Emirates ID cards and passports. Applicants must follow specific guidelines and submit personal photos that meet strict criteria.

In a significant development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has unveiled a new service that allows individuals to renew their Emirates ID cards and passports while residing outside the country.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has introduced this highly anticipated change, making the renewal process more convenient for Emiratis living abroad.


Renewal Process via Smart Application

To take advantage of this service, applicants must fulfil a crucial condition—personally applying for the transaction through the dedicated smart application provided by the authority. This requirement ensures that only the rightful owners of the documents can access and renew them.

According to a report in the Arabic daily, Emarat AlYoum, Nasser Ahmed Al-Abdouli, the Director of Customer Happiness Management at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security, highlighted the process of renewing Emirati ID cards from overseas.


Al-Abdouli emphasized that the authority now exclusively offers the renewal service through its smart application. Any requests submitted through printing centres or by unauthorized individuals within the UAE will be rejected if it is discovered that the applicant is residing outside the country.

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Effortless Renewal Steps

During an interview with ‘Noor Dubai’ radio, Al-Abdouli elaborated on the steps involved in renewing ID cards from abroad. He explained that individuals residing outside the UAE can easily access the authority’s smart application on their mobile phones.

Through the application, they can select the service for renewing ID cards from abroad, submit their application, pay the necessary fees, and complete the transaction seamlessly.


Adhering to Guidelines and the Official Dress Code

Al-Abdouli emphasized the importance of adhering to the guidelines, particularly for citizens, when taking a photograph for documents. It is crucial to comply with the official dress code specified by the authority.

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Strict Criteria for Personal Photos

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has established strict criteria for personal photos submitted through their smart systems to ensure their acceptance. These criteria include:

  1. Official Attire: Applicants must wear the official attire of the United Arab Emirates.
  2. Head Coverings: Head coverings are allowed in accordance with customs and traditions.
  3. Background: The photo should have a white background.
  4. Photo Quality: A high-quality and recent coloured photo taken within the last six months should be provided. The dimensions should be 35-40 mm.
  5. Head Position: The head should be positioned straight and parallel to the camera lens.
  6. Facial Expression: A neutral facial expression is required in the photo.
  7. Eyes: Both eyes must be open and facing the camera, without wearing coloured contact lenses.
  8. Glasses: Glasses should not obstruct the eyes or cause reflections.
  9. Image Resolution: The image resolution should be at least 600 dots per inch (dpi) and free from ink marks or wrinkles.

These criteria apply to all applicants, regardless of their age, and ensure that the submitted photos meet the necessary standards for identification purposes.


Verification of Information and Avoiding Delays

The authority urges all customers to double-check the accuracy and validity of their ID numbers and expiration dates when applying for renewal or replacement.

It is also advised to verify the correctness of the data entered in the electronic form before making the payment to avoid any delays in processing their transactions.

Furthermore, individuals are encouraged to verify the accuracy of their phone numbers, email addresses, and preferred delivery methods indicated in the electronic form.

With the launch of this new service, the UAE has taken a significant step towards providing greater convenience and accessibility for Emiratis residing abroad. The streamlined process through the smart application and adherence to the outlined guidelines ensure a smoother experience for individuals looking to renew their Emirates ID cards and passports while outside the UAE.


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