UAE Launches New 6 Months Visa For Golden Residency Applicants: Details Here


The UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has on Thursday launched a service that allows applicants of the golden residency to get a visa for six months and with multiple entries.

This is meant to allow them to complete all the procedures required for the golden residency and will particularly benefit those who travel a lot.


The authority noted on its website that the cost for the six-month visa is Dh1,150, and will be renewable once. It further stated that the six-month visa is only to complete golden visa procedures.

Who is eligible for new 6 month visa?

The categories eligible for the 6-month visa are:

  • Investors in public investments or real estate
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Doctors and scientists
  • Inventors
  • Ph.D. holders
  • Athletes
  • Creative specialists in culture and art
  • Specialists in priority scientific fields
  • Specialists in engineering and science (epidemiology and viruses, artificial intelligence, big data, computers, electronics, programming, electrical, genetics, and biotechnology)
  • Outstanding students (high school or university)

How to apply?

The procedure for application involves visiting the ICA website and launching the service.

Following this, applicants will need to enter their information accurately, upload the required attachments, review the data entered, and pay the application fees.

If the application is returned for changes, the applicant must update the required information and resubmit the request within 30 days. Failure to do so will result in the application being cancelled.

If the application is returned to the applicant three times, it will be automatically cancelled, and the applicant will need to submit a fresh request.


Terms and conditions

ICA-UAE noted that the application will be cancelled electronically after the lapse of (30) days in the event that the application is returned due to missing data or non-completion of the required documents.

The application can also be terminated if it is returned three times due to missing data or non-completion of the required documents. Issuance fees are refunded only if the application is rejected by the ICA-UAE.


The cost for the six-month visa is Dh1,150 (issue fee Dh1,000; request fee Dh100; e-services fee Dh28 and ICA fees Dh22)


Applicants can use ICA-UAE Helpline on social media, smart app, call center (600522222), and website (


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