UAE Increases Fees For Visas and Emirates ID By 100 AED: Details Here


The cost of obtaining Emirates ID and visas in the UAE has been raised, according to sources. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has confirmed that fees for all its services have increased by 100 AED.

An ICP agent confirmed that “There are additional fees for all the services on the ICP regarding the new updates of AED100 for each service.”

A travel agent also confirmed that a 100 AED additional fee applies to 30- and 60-day tourist visas, Emirates IDs, and all other e-channel services.

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ICP New Fees For UAE Visas and Emirates ID

This includes Emirates ID, which will now cost 370 AED instead of 270 AED, and the fee for a one-month visit visa, which has also been raised to 370 AED.

Visas and Emirates IDOld PriceNew Price
Emirates ID (depending on the number of years renewed)270 AED370 AED
One-month visit visa270 AED370 AED

Additionally, the fee increase also applies to other services offered by the ICP, which will now cost an additional 100 AED over the previous price.

However, it has been reported that there have been no changes to visit visas issued in Dubai at this time.

Recent Changes to Visa and Residency System

The ICP recently standardized the fine for overstaying visas in the country to Dh50. Overstaying tourists and visitors will be charged Dh50 per day instead of Dh100. Overstaying on a residency visa will cost double — Dh50 per day instead of Dh25.


This price increase comes on top of recent changes to the UAE’s visa system. The option to extend visit visas within the country has been suspended since the beginning of 2023, and tourists must now leave and re-enter the country to obtain a new visa if they wish to stay longer.

Tourists can still change their visa status on the same day or visit a neighbouring country while waiting for their new visa. These procedures must be carried out with the assistance of a travel agent.

The UAE’s most significant entry and residency reforms went into effect last year. A significantly expanded Golden Visa scheme, a new five-year Green residency, a multiple-entry tourist visa, and job hunting entry permits were among the changes.

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