UAE Implements Stricter Visa Regulations: Grace Period for Visit Visas Removed


In a significant policy change, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has eliminated the grace period previously granted to visitors holding visit visas. Effective immediately, fines will be imposed as soon as the permit expires, according to recent notices shared by travel agents with their clients.

The announcement comes as a surprise to many, as a grace period of 10 days was previously provided to individuals holding visit visas issued in Dubai. However, from May 15, this grace period was also removed in Dubai, aligning it with other emirates in the UAE.

Previously, the grace period was automatically added upon the visitor’s arrival, extending the duration of both 30-day and 60-day visit visas by 10 days. However, the system has been updated to remove the grace period, and visitors are now required to depart before the last day of their visa.

Implications for Visitors and Travel Agents

The elimination of the grace period has implications for both visitors and travel agents. Previously, visitors were allowed a 10-day grace period to exit the country after their visa expiration date.


However, this grace period has been removed across all emirates in the UAE, including Dubai. Visitors now bear the responsibility of departing before their visa expires.

For travel agents, this policy change means a shift in their role. Previously, agents were responsible for the sponsorship of visitors and faced penalties for overstays, which they later recovered from the visitors. However, under the new regulations, visitors themselves are required to pay the fines before leaving the country.

Fines and Penalties for Overstays

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Overstaying a visit visa is considered a serious offence in the UAE and can lead to financial consequences for the visitor. The fines for overstays are calculated on a daily basis, with penalties increasing with each additional day.

For example, a person overstaying for one day will be required to pay Dh50, along with Dh320 for relevant charges and exit permits. The penalty for a 10-day overstay would amount to Dh500 plus Dh320, totalling Dh820.


Importance of Compliance and Awareness

Travel experts emphasize the importance of complying with visa regulations and staying informed about visa validity. Visitors are encouraged to exit the country before their visit visas expire to avoid penalties and potential travel disruptions. It is crucial for visitors to be aware of their visa expiration date and seek information from their travel agents if needed.

To settle fines, individuals have the option to pay online through the ICP website before departing for the airport. Alternatively, fines can be paid at the airport’s immigration counter upon request.


In conclusion, the elimination of the grace period for visit visas in the UAE represents a significant change in immigration regulations. Visitors are urged to stay informed, ensure compliance with visa requirements, and exit the country within the specified duration of their visit visas to avoid penalties and any potential travel complications.

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