UAE Flights From India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Remain Suspended Until July 21, Says Etihad


Etihad Airways, the second flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday confirms that all Etihad flights from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka remain suspended until 21 July.

The announcement comes amid the General Civil Aviation Authority’s (GCAA) decision to extends the suspension of flights from India and 13 other countries until 23:59 hrs. of July 21, 2021.


The list of other countries includes Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic Of Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and South Africa.

“TRAVEL ALERT: Due to ongoing restrictions, all Etihad flights from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka remain suspended until 21 July,” said Etihad Airways in a tweet.


The airline in response to a customer’s query said, “We have just received an update, and flights from India have been suspended till the 21st July. We’ll keep the ticket open for you, and you can reschedule it at a later stage by calling our Call Centre team. They might be handling a high volume of calls.”

Also, Etihad Airways is no longer accepting bookings before 22nd July 2021 on its website and has also updated the information on its website.

Confusion On Travel Restrictions

As you already know that there is a lot of confession about the UAE travel restrictions and whether the flights from to UAE is started or not, so, to counter the confusion the Etihad said,


“We understand it is confusing Mark however we were expecting some updates regarding the travel ban extension which we just received a few moments ago. I can confirm that the ban is not lifted yet and has been extended until the 21st of July. Our website will be updated shortly.”

Emirates continues to accept bookings from July 7

As we already covered that, Emirates has started accepting bookings for travel between India and UAE from 07th July. Till now, the airline has not stopped the bookings.

On Tuesday in response to a customer’s tweet, Emirates said “We have no further information on flights to/from India. We’ll announce flight schedules and travel requirements as soon as we have more information. Keep an eye on our travel updates page for the latest information –”

Whether you should book or not?

If you ask us, whether you should book your flight to UAE or not? We strongly suggest you not book as of now and wait for few more days. If you still want to book, please check your travel eligibility with the airline before making any booking.


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