UAE Announced Two New Visa Categories – Green Visa, Freelancers Visa


In a bid to attract global talent for its ambitious economic transformation plans, the United Arab Emirates on Sunday announced two new visa categories – Green Visa and Freelancers Visa

UAE Green Visa

Top students, investors, businessmen, and those with specialized skills are eligible to get the green visa, Minister of State for Foreign Trade Thani bin Ahmed Al-Zeyoudi said at a press event in Dubai.


“Green Visas” will allow expatriates to apply for work without being sponsored by an employer, targeting investors and highly skilled workers as well as top students and graduates.

Holders of the green visa will be able to sponsor their parents, as well as their sons until the age of 25. Upon expiration of the visa, they will be given a 90 to 180 days grace period, significantly more than the traditional visas given by the UAE.


UAE Freelancers Visa

Owners of independent businesses, or self-employed individuals can apply for the freelancers visa, the minister said.

A further change will allow children over the age of 15 to work for the first time. A temporary work permit would allow them to secure a part-time job and get a taste for the workplace, without interrupting their studies.

The decision could be hugely significant and bring about a culture of part-time and temporary work.

“Anyone who’s living here, who’s above 15 years old, can apply for a temporary job,” Al-Zeyoudi said.


“We don’t want them to stop their education but it’s a temporary visa to give them access to their market, shape up their skills and see the sectors they want to study and want to have a future in.”

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