UAE: Airfares to Popular Destinations Expected to Increase Before Summer Vacation

Airfares to popular summer vacation destinations are expected to increase further before the summer vacation. Travel industry executives have noted that the rise in airfare is due to more individuals planning their trips well in advance.

According to travel industry executives, airfares to popular destinations such as the UK, Egypt, the GCC, and the Indian subcontinent are predicted to rise even further before the summer vacation.

The reason behind this is that more individuals are planning their trips well in advance, which has resulted in airfares to Asia, the Middle East, and the UK already starting to rise in February and March.

Anticipated Increase in Airfares During Summer

Executives have further noted that tickets to well-known locations like London are expected to increase during the peak travel periods of the summer, particularly during Eid Al Adha, which is expected to fall at the end of June.

Despite a rise in travel demand among UAE residents over the previous year, airlines continue to face capacity constraints. However, travel to and from the UAE, as well as tourism overall, have greatly increased.


Temporary Stability in Airfares

Air India increased its frequency on the UAE route over the summer, which temporarily brought stability for a few days. Travel surges during the summer months when schools are closed, pushing up airfare dramatically. When classes are discontinued during the summer, Indian curriculum schools usually close during the first week of July.

Due to Eid Al Adha, some schools might choose to close a week or so early. From June until the last or first week of August, British schools are off.

40% Increase in Airfares

According to a travel company, some airlines’ fare increases have reached 40%, and cheap airline tickets to India that typically cost around Dh1,200 can go up to Dh1,800–2,000 in the summer. Furthermore, travel on full-service planes now costs between Dh2,500 and Dh3,300.


Travelers planning their summer vacations to popular destinations should be aware of the predicted increase in airfares. Executives predict a significant increase in airfare during Eid Al Adha, which is expected to fall at the end of June.


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