Travelling with Pets? Check Out These Top Pet-Friendly Hotels in San Diego

If you're a pet owner planning a trip to San Diego, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels to choose from. In this article, we've compiled a list of some of the best hotels in the area that will welcome your furry friend with open arms.

Planning a vacation with your furry friends is not as tough as before. More and more establishments are allowing pets on their premises.

If you are going to San Diego to enjoy the sun and try some amazing water activities on its amazing beaches, make sure that you know where to stay first. There are also a lot of pet-friendly hotels in San Diego so if you plan to come here, make sure that you pick the right one.


We listed down some of the best hotels that you can consider if you are thinking of visiting San Diego to have some fun with your pets.

1. Solamar San Diego

Check out some of the nightclubs and restaurants at night if you decide to stay at Hotel Solamar. It is located in the middle of all the hot spots that you can find in San Diego. If you prefer to try the nightlife, this hotel is a good pick.


You can try some of the local craft beers and cocktails and have a taste of American specialities at JSix. Go around the streets using free bikes or just walk around with your dog.

Hotel Solamar takes pet-friendly very seriously so they offer free amenities for pets. There are designated pet areas where you can walk your pet and they offer treats and toys too. You can bring any number of pets to their premises without an additional fee. There are no restrictions with the weight and breed as well so you can bring large dogs.

2. InterContinental San Diego

Watch all these cruise ships come and go in the comfort of your hotel room at InterContinental San Diego. Yes, this hotel is only a few minutes away from this dock, which is why this is a popular choice for people who will go on a cruise.

There are 400 smoke-free rooms and daily housekeeping as well. There’s a custom coffee machine in every room and a minibar.


The best thing about this is that you can bring your pets with you. InterContinental San Diego allows up to 2 pets of any size or breed. It means that even if you have large dogs, you can bring them with you and stay in this hotel. Your pets will receive pet bowls and beds upon check-in.

3. Park Hyatt Aviara

At Park Hyatt Aviara, you can bring up to two dogs, but they need to have a combined weight of 75 lbs. Dogs should not exceed 50 lbs. in weight. There is also an additional fee of $150 per stay.

When you’re booking this hotel, make sure that you ask for a dog welcome kit. This will also tell the hotel that you are bringing a dog with you. They will put some pet-friendly things in your room like beds, bowls, and more.

You have to remember that reservations with pets should be done three days before the actual date. This is to give the hotel ample time to prepare the room where you and your pets would stay.


4. Empress Hotel

One of the best hotels that you need to consider if you are on a budget is Empress Hotel La Jolla. This hotel allows up to 2 pets per room. You can bring pets that are 65 lbs. and below with an additional fee of $35 for the first three nights. Additional nights would be $10, which is pretty decent for a hotel.

If you opt for a pet package in the hotel, your room will have a bowl, a bag of treats, and a soft dog bed. Always remember that you need to consider their pet package if you want to get these extras.

Another benefit of booking a room in the Empress Hotel is that you can get dog walkers to take care of your dog. Well, you can also walk your dog on your own by checking out some of the places around the hotel. You can visit the La Jolla Recreation Center Park to let your dogs play for a while.

5. Manchester Grand Hyatt

Manchester Grand Hyatt is a popular choice for many business travellers, but it is also a great pick for families who are looking for a good hotel that would allow their furry friends to stay with them.


You are allowed to bring up to 2 dogs in the hotel. They need to have a combined weight of 75 lbs. so make sure that you check this out before you book a room. You also have to pay $100 per 5 nights as a pet fee.

Manchester Grand Hyatt is popular with pet owners as they allow pets in their patios and their seafood restaurant, Sally’s Fish House & Bar. Your pets would have a special “Pupcake” so they would feel at home while staying at the restaurant.

Discover the Beauty of San Diego

Before you decide on the activities that you’re going to do in San Diego, make sure that you already booked a pet-friendly hotel. Nothing beats a good rest at night with your pets after a long day of fun and exciting activities.

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