Travelling To Schengen Countries? Check New Transit Visa Requirements For Indian Passport Holders


Air France-KLM in a trade circular, reiterates the existing restrictions for ATV (Airport Transit Visa) for France, as well as transit visa requirements for itineraries involving a transit in two Schengen countries.

The airline also stated that these requirements are mandatory and non-compliance will lead to denied boarding. Moreover, passengers are personally responsible for ascertaining the requirements in TRANSIT and ENTRY at the final destination.

Airport Transit Visa- France for Indian Passport holders

Since April 2021, the French authorities have implemented the mandatory requirement of a valid Airport Transit Visa (ATV) for Indian passport holders to transit via France for a final destination outside the Schengen Area.

For more details and information on exemptions, kindly refer to the official visa website for France.


Schengen Transit Visa Regulations for Indian Passport holders

According to the existing TRANSIT regulations for travel via Schengen countries, it is mandatory for passengers holding an Indian passport (incl. Resident Permit holders) to have a valid Schengen visa for a journey commencing India that involves transit (no stop) between 2 Schengen countries.

For e.g.;

  • IN-CDG-AMS-JFK: Indian passport holders destined for the USA will require a Schengen visa to transit via CDG & AMS
  • IN-AMS-CDG-YYZ: Resident permit holders travelling via Paris & Amsterdam to Canada will require a Schengen visa

For a general overview of travel, conditions visit TravelDoc Air France or TravelDoc KLM

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