Travelling to Dubai? Register For Smart Gates At DXB Airport To Avoid Delays


Are you planning a trip to Dubai during the busy summer holidays? If so, you may experience delays at immigration because approximately 125,000 passengers per day are expected to use the airport during the busy summer season.

To avoid such delays, passengers are advised to use the Smart Gates installed at DXB Airport’s Terminal 3 (T3), which allows passengers to pass through the gates instead of the queue for immigration.

What are Smart Gates?

Passengers arriving and departing from DXB Terminal 3 can use the enhanced Smart Gates, which feature a new contactless process, to pass through passport control in a matter of seconds.

The cutting-edge biometric systems at the Smart Gates have relieved pressure on passport control officers as more people choose to pass through the gates rather than queue for a physical stamp at immigration.


It is worth noting that Since the beginning of the year, approximately one million passengers per month have used the 122 smart gates located throughout the airport.

How to use Smart Gates?

If you’ve registered for the Smart Gates, you can pass by simply by looking at the green light, without scanning a document.

Just remember to take off any items that cover your faces, such as masks, glasses, and hats, and keep your passport and boarding pass on hand in case they are required.

  • You must scan your Emirates ID or biometric passport if you are a tourist.
  • The next step is to validate your biometrics by staring directly at the green light on top of the camera.
  • After your biometrics have been validated, the Smart Gates will open, and the passport control procedure will be completed.

Who can use the Smart Gates?

You must fall into one of the following categories to use Smart Gates at DXB Terminal 3.

  • UAE Nationals and GCC Nationals.
  • UAE Residents.
  • Visa-on-Arrival guests with biometric passports.   

To use the Smart Gates, you must first register. All recent arrivals at DXB are likely to have been registered when they passed through the immigration checkpoint.

Who should not use the Smart Gates?

You are not permitted to use the Smart Gates if you belong to the following groups:

  • People of Determination and guests with giant strollers.
  • Families with children.
  • Guests who are under 15 years old or under 1.2 metres in height.

Please Note: Smart Gates are not available to UAE citizens who have been abroad for more than six months or to travellers who have renewed their passports.

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