Travel is bound to leap back in 2021!


Good news for travel enthusiasts! With positive news coming out, more and more travellers are gearing up for their travel in 2021. Thanks to travel insurance!

If you haven’t read it already, there’s some positive news coming out. Many sources have confirmed that by 2021, a possible new vaccine for COVID19 will be available for early stage vaccination.

In India, the Ministry of Health has announced (source) that by 2021, a new vaccine will be available to 25 Crore people.

This is great news for travellers. There are three important things that have infused excitement among travellers.


One, the news that a vaccine will be out possibly by June 2021 and two, that the prices for travel has gone down drastically in the last few months and three, there are travel insurance plans available to travelers that will protect them from COVID related diseases.

Travel enthusiasts have been waiting to hear this for a long time now.

Be it domestic or international travel, flights have been canceled and airspace was restricted largely during the COVID pandemic. The first and second quarter performance of all travel-related industries were pretty much flat. But this seems to be slowly changing.

Travel insurance for example has become mandatory in certain flight routes. For travelers from India to the USA, travel insurance is a very handy tool. Because medical expense in the USA is high, travel insurance will protect you against all odds and save you the out of the pocket expense.


Here are some of the best travel insurance for parents visiting USA. These travel insurance plans help cover medical emergencies during your visit to the USA.

There are even travel insurance plans for COVID. These plans cover symptoms and problems that might arise due to COVID. It is recommended that people who are traveling from places affected by COVID, take these plans.

Reports have also come that travel rates to hotels and accommodation have also decreased in the last few months. This has actually created excitement among travelers.

December is when the travel industry sees most of its travel done. And for 2021 new year, people are excited to get over the pandemic. Whether we’ll get a vaccine before it is doubtful but still, people are willing to take chances.


A top hotel in Goa is offering discounts like never before for the New Year’s bash. A top suite in its property is being offered for INR 30K for a four-member family, including all meals and access to all amenities.

This would have costed a cool INR 1 Lakh plus during non-pandemic days.

So, what does this tell?

Travel is waiting to bounce back. Travelers are waiting to travel again.


Perhaps more than what they would usually do.

Anyways, 2021 is up for a lot of new things. New places and new offers are going to open up for travel. And we’re all going to see newer ways to travel.

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