Travel Ban: Govt Urges Countries To Resume Travel With India


The Ministry of External Affairs, India on Thursday urged countries, that had put restrictions on travelers from India given the surge in Coronavirus cases in April and May, to resume the travel with India.

Arindam Bagchi, the spokesman of MEA said that some initial steps had been taken by countries in this direction and the government of India would continue to accord this high priority.

Bagchi also stated that the National Health Authority of India is planning an event at which India would look at sharing details of its indigenously developed Cowin app that had been used extensively to keep track of India’s vaccination drive.

On countries lifting the travel restrictions they had imposed on India at the start of a brutal second wave of covid-19 infections earlier this year, Bagchi said: “We would hope that as the covid-19 situation continues to improve in our country, the other countries would take steps to normalize travel with India. We have seen some initial steps in this regard. The government will continue to priorities this issue.”


Bagchi’s comments came in response to a query on the condition of many Indian expatriates who have been languishing in India, unable to return to countries of work given the restrictions on flights.

Cases of covid-19 in India had shot up in April-May with the country averaging 300,000 to 400,000 cases at its peak with the daily death toll touching 4,600 on one day which was a global record.

Daily infections have now fallen below the 60,000 mark and several parts of the country that had been under lockdown are now cautiously re-opening.

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