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Tourism has become a significant economic, social, and cultural activity for developing countries. It significantly impacts employment, investment, the trade balance, and national income. It also helps to preserve cultural heritage sites and supports sustainable development.

The tourism industry was one of the worst impacted by COVID-19. Many businesses had to close their doors due to the decrease in tourism, and many lost their jobs. The pandemic has also caused a reduction in international travel as many people were hesitant to fly or travel to other countries. This has led to a decline in revenue for many airlines and hotels.

Bot now, according to a report, the number of international travellers increased from 41 million in Q1 of 2021 to 117 million in Q1 of 2022. That is a staggering 182% increase in the year-on-year number of travellers.

With countries opening their doors to international tourists again after the pandemic, there is a huge opportunity for countries to market themselves to their potential visitors. To increase the numbers, you should start a video marketing campaign.


Video marketing is popularly used for Tourism marketing because it is a niche with great potential. With videos, you can interestingly display your destination and show your audience what they should expect when they visit you.

How to Create the Perfect Tourism Video for Your Business?

There are several to consider when creating a tourism video for your business. An important factor is the type of camera you should use for travel videos.

There are different camera types available, so it’s crucial to decide on the one that’s right for your needs. Some cameras that are commonly used for travel videos include compact cameras, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras.

Compact cameras are suitable for capturing candid footage, while DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are better suited for filming in bright environments or taking photos and videos in high-quality resolutions.


When it comes to quality, a basic digital camera will work fine, but if you’re looking to produce high-quality footage, you’ll likely want to invest in a quality camera like a GoPro or other action cam or a 50mm lens camera like the Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera Kit.

Location Scouting: How to Find the Best Locations for Your Video in Advance

Location scouting is an important step in producing a high-quality video. Finding the best locations for your video in advance will improve your chances of producing a successful project. You can use online resources, search for photo or videography contests, or ask friends and family for recommendations.

Once you have identified some potential locations, reviewing the footage and deciding which scenes should be shot and where is important. You will want to select shots that will capture the feel and atmosphere of each location, as well as highlight key elements of the scene.

After you have selected your filming locations, be sure to prepare for weather conditions and other potential surprises. Plan by packing extra clothing and supplies in case something unexpected happens during filming.


Marketing Campaign: Planning and Implementation

Video production is a very important part of marketing campaigns. It can be used for various purposes, such as commercials, marketing videos, and instructional videos.

Many factors can affect how much a video production will cost. The length of the video, the number of actors, the type of location it is filmed in, and other factors like editing and post-production can all affect how much it costs to produce a commercial spot or marketing campaign.

Even the tools that you use for the videos matter. You can choose to use a professional-grade video editing suite that will cost you hundreds of dollars, along with an editor. This will enable you to get a professional finish.

If you intend to save time and money, then you can choose to use an online video editor that will enable you to edit your footage on the go quickly. Some online video editors come with premade templates for YouTube outros, YouTube intros, Facebook videos, Instagram reels etc. You can leverage these templates to make quick video edits to save time and money.


Popular Videos That Are Trending in the Travel Marketing World

Travel Montages

You can use these videos for your blog or website or share them on social media. This type of video will focus on the main attractions at your destination. It might be a city with a skyscraper, an amusement park, or a museum.

 In these videos, you could include the highlights of your trip to a particular city or place. You can make it more interesting by talking to the locals, understanding their culture, trying to speak to them in their language, wearing their traditional attire, eating their local cuisine, etc.

Drone Videos

Nothing beats aerial videos in capturing the essence of tall skyscrapers. You could create a sightseeing video with a drone in cities with high-rises. This video would take you to the top of the building, giving viewers an aerial view.

If you’re looking for a place like this, you could use London or New York City as your destination.


Architecture Videos

Some cities have only recently mastered the craft of architecture. Many viewers would tune in to admire these structures’ beauty via videos.

For those travelling to cities with major architectural features, create a sightseeing video, taking them through the building. For example, if you’re in Paris, you could fly over the Eiffel Tower while capturing its beauty and architecture.

While there are many different ways to make a video of your destination, think through and decide which type would be the most effective for your travel vlog.

Beach Videos

Our planet is 75% water, and the beauty of these vast bodies of water lies in beaches, where land and water meet.


 For those looking to take a trip to a beach city, create a video of the sand and ocean while walking along the shore. This video will include shots above and below to show how the water moves across the sand.

Another way you could show the beauty of the beach would be a video that would include a time-lapse of the beach. This would be a time-lapse of the water moving across the sand and into the ocean, showing how different bodies of water can change over 24 hours. This would include both the sunset and sunrise.


The tourism industry is the most important and fastest growing service sector globally. The global tourism market is worth over $1 trillion and is expected to grow by 3% annually over the next decade. As travel restrictions are lifted worldwide, countries wanting to attract visitors should invest in their tourism markets.

So grab the chance, follow the guide, and begin your successful video marketing travel campaign now!


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