This European City Offers Free Meals, Tours, and Wine for Eco-Friendly Tourists

Copenhagen has launched CopenPay, a groundbreaking program that incentivizes eco-friendly tourism. Tourists can earn free meals, activities, and cultural experiences by making sustainable choices during their visit.

Travellers to Europe, rejoice! The beautiful city of Copenhagen has launched a groundbreaking program called CopenPay, designed to incentivize eco-friendly tourism. This exciting initiative encourages visitors to embrace sustainable practices while exploring the city, rewarding them with free meals, activities, and cultural experiences.

CopenPay: Rewards for Tourists

Running from July 15th to August 11th, CopenPay allows tourists to earn a variety of perks by making environmentally conscious choices. Imagine enjoying a delicious free lunch or sipping on a complimentary coffee simply for choosing to cycle or use public transportation during your visit!

The program extends beyond everyday activities. Participate in a canal cleanup effort and you might be rewarded with a thrilling kayak rental. Lend a hand at a local urban farm and gain free entry to a fascinating museum.

Even those passionate about art can get creative – bring in plastic waste to the National Gallery and participate in a unique workshop transforming it into art!


Local Business Support

CopenPay has garnered support from 24 local businesses, all of which are participating in the initiative without any government funding. To take part in the program, tourists simply need to present a public transport ticket or provide evidence of their eco-friendly actions, such as a photo of litter picking.

Endorsement from City Officials

Copenhagen’s mayor, Sophie Haestorp Andersen, expressed her enthusiasm for the CopenPay project. “I’m thrilled to see an initiative like CopenPay that combines our rich cultural life with a strong commitment to sustainability,” she said.

Andersen believes the program aligns perfectly with the city’s goal to promote sustainable solutions and enhance the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

Participating in CopenPay: Easy and Rewarding!

Joining CopenPay is a breeze. Currently, 24 local businesses are enthusiastically participating, offering a diverse range of rewards entirely funded by their contributions.


There’s no need for complex registration – simply showcase your commitment to green practices! Show a public transport ticket, provide a photo of your litter-picking efforts, or demonstrate your participation in any other sustainable activity offered by the program.

A Promising Future for Sustainable Travel

Copenhagen’s Mayor, Sophie Haestorp Andersen, is a vocal supporter of CopenPay. “This initiative perfectly combines Copenhagen’s rich cultural scene with our dedication to sustainability,” she states, highlighting the program’s alignment with the city’s long-term environmental goals.


Copenhagen’s CopenPay program is a pioneering step towards fostering sustainable tourism. By rewarding eco-friendly actions, the city not only enhances the visitor experience but also promotes environmental stewardship.

This summer, tourists in Copenhagen have a unique opportunity to contribute to the city’s sustainability efforts while enjoying its diverse cultural and recreational offerings.


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