Thailand To Temporarily Remove Immigration Forms For International Passengers


In a bid to reduce congestion at immigration checkpoints, the Thai Cabinet on Wednesday agreed to temporarily remove the use of immigration forms “Tor Mor 6 (TM6)” for international travellers arriving and exiting Thailand at all international airports.

On Tuesday, June 14th, government official Traisulee Traisornkul stated that the exemption was intended to help international passengers and minimize airport congestion because the number of arriving tourists has grown significantly since the country reopened.

However, foreign travellers travelling by land and sea must still fill out the forms because arrivals are not increasing as rapidly as they are by air.

The immigration forms are still useful for crime prevention and tracking. Without the form, biometrics will be used to capture the physical information of arriving travellers, and tourism information/destinations will be obtained via tour operators and airlines.


According to Traisulee Traisornkul, Thai Govt spokesperson, Despite the temporary exemption, health screenings to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus must still be undertaken.

It is worth noting that the Thailand Pass scheme is still in place; However, according to the Tourism Minister the requirement of the Thailand Pass could be completed scrapped starting July 01, 2022.

The future of ‘Thailand Pass’ will be decided at the next meeting of the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) which is scheduled for next Friday, June 17.

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