Thailand Scraps Quarantine, Simplifies Registration For ‘Thailand Pass’ Starting June 1


The Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) Thailand, stated on Friday (May 21, 2022) that the quarantine requirement for all air and land arrivals will be lifted starting June 1. Earlier the quarantine is required for high-risk contact.

Besides, the CCSA has eliminated the requirement of a ‘Thailand Pass’ for Thai nationals and eased entry restrictions for other travellers.


No ‘Thailand Pass’ For Citizens

As we earlier reported that the Thai Govt is considering removing the requirement for citizens returning from abroad to register for a Thailand Pass;

So finally, beginning June 1st, Thais returning to Thailand will no longer need to apply for a “Thailand Pass,” but international travellers from other countries will still need to do so, and the process for foreigners entering Thailand will be simplified.


‘Thailand Pass’ Registration Eased

Thailand Pass

The CCSA has also approved the simplified Thailand Pass registration and entry rules for international arrivals, effective 1 June 2022.

According to CCSA, International visitors to Thailand are still required to apply for the ‘Thailand Pass’ (through, but they will just need to submit passport information, and vaccination records, and a US$10,000 health insurance policy.

The Thailand Pass system will then automatically issue a Thailand Pass QR code for the applicants.

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On Arrival Guidelines

Thailand To Eases Travel Rules

Upon arrival in Thailand, vaccinated travellers must go through entry screening before being allowed to enter and travel anywhere in the kingdom.

Unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated travellers who can provide proof of a negative RT-PCR or professional ATK test within 72 hours of travel using the Thailand Pass system will also be permitted admission and will be free to travel around the kingdom.

Further Relaxations

The CCSA also approved a further relaxation of statewide COVID-19 rules with three colour-coded zones: Pilot Tourist Areas (blue zones), Surveillance (green zones), and Areas Under Stringent Surveillance (yellow zones).

Nighttime entertainment outlets in the green and blue zones, such as pubs, bars, and karaoke lounges, will be allowed to reopen, including the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises until 24.00 Hrs. However, all venues have been instructed to properly follow the preventative rules.


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