Thailand Plans For New Tourist Tax For International Travelers


Thailand government is planning to introduce a new tourist tax, which will be applicable to all international visitors.

As of result, all inbound international travellers into Thailand will soon be required to pay a new tourist tax of 300 THB (about $10 USD).

The tax was announced this week and will officially go into effect once it is published in the country’s Royal Gazette, the public journal and newspaper of record for Thailand.

Part of the tax will be spent on “the management of local tourist destinations” (266 baht/£6.50) and part of it will be “to cover foreigners who can’t pay their hospital bills” (34 baht/83p), Pattaya Mail reported.


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  • As per the report, the money from the tourist fee is used to finance two different areas. One such area that is the most immediate benefit for those paying the fee is insurance for travelers who get sick or injured in Thailand.
  • According to the ministry, they will ensure that they are cared for and given appropriate medical care. It is expected that THB 34 of the total THB 300 charge will be used for this insurance.

The country recently reopened to tourism amid the COVID-19 pandemic but international visitors face a number of hurdles, including a mandatory 14-day quarantine at a government-approved facility at their own expense as well as multiple COVID-19 PCR tests, including prior to arrival and on days one, nine and 13 of their stay.

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