Thailand May Impose Tourism Fee of 500 Baht In 2022


In a bid to subsidize tourism-related projects the government of Thailand planning to impose a tourism fee on international tourists in 2022. Thailand will charge 500 Baht (around ₹1100) for a tourism transformation fund that will focus on eco-friendly tourism.

It must be noted that the National Tourism Policy Committee originally approved a fee of 300 Baht at the start of this year which is now increased to 500 baht.

Yuthasak Supasorn, the governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand said;

The extra 200 baht will be used to fund projects aimed at transforming the country’s tourism model from mass-market to a more high-value, environmentally-conscious model. He’s pretty confident tourists won’t mind paying it.


“The additional cost won’t have an impact on tourists as we want to focus on the quality market. We hope this fund will support a national tourism makeover creating more safe and clean places.”

The Centre for Economic Situation Administration has approved the 500 baht fee, part of a wider “tourism transformation fund” to support transformational projects with a focus on sustainable, high-value tourism.

The TAT says the fee will be collected from next year, with officials counting on getting 5 billion baht within the first year, based on 10 million foreign arrivals.

The TAT and the Tourism and Sports Ministry will hold talks with the relevant authorities to set up a fund committee and agree on funding mechanisms, as well as for deciding how the fee will be collected from foreign visitors. The fund committee will be tasked with deciding which projects qualify for support.


Yuthasak adds that the goal of the fund is not to alleviate the economic devastation of Covid-19, but instead to focus on long-term growth.

Thailand Starts Visa on Arrival For 18 Countries

To support the economy and attract more tourists, Thailand has started the ‘Visa On Arrival’ facility for international tourists starting 01st October 2021.

Passport holders of the following countries and territories may apply for Visa on Arrival to enter Thailand at any international airport in Thailand from 01 October 2021, onwards.

Bulgaria, Bhutan, China, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mexico, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, and Vanuatu.


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