Thailand Aviation Authority Issues NOTAM For Airlines, Passengers Regarding New Entry Regulations


As you may be aware, Thailand recently announced new entry procedures for Thai nationals, as well as the scrapping of all quarantine requirements for international arrivals, effective June 1. In the view of same, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) issued a special Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) on Saturday informing airlines of the country’s updated entrance policy, which includes revoking the Thailand Pass system for returning Thai nationals.

International travellers, on the other hand, must still register for Thailand Pass in order to receive the QR code, which will be checked at the airport when they arrive. However, there is no waiting period for the QR code to be created after registration.


Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT)

The NOTAM issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) includes the latest guidelines for passengers as well as airlines operating in Thailand.

Thai nationals can show a vaccine certificate or their negative rapid antigen (ATK) or RT-PCR test to enter Thailand. No registration for Thailand Pass is required.


Non-Thai nationals must register via Thailand Pass and submit all required documents to receive the QR code. Airlines can reject passengers who fail to show the QR code before boarding.

Travellers with a certificate of full vaccination against Covid-19 will not have to take a test upon arrival. However, they are advised to take a test if they display Covid-like symptoms.

Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers who show a negative ATK or RT-PCR test was taken within 72 hours of arrival can enter Thailand in the same way as vaccinated travellers.

Foreign travellers must also show evidence of Covid-19 insurance with coverage of US$10,000 or similar evidence of coverage for Covid-19 treatment during their stay in Thailand.


Airlines are responsible for checking passengers’ Thailand Pass QR codes. Any passengers who land in Thailand without the QR code will be placed in the airline’s care.

Foreign travellers with no Thailand Pass QR code, no vaccine certificate and no negative test result must follow the instructions of airport officials when they arrive in Thailand.

Staff at airports must obey Covid-19 preventive measures, including face-mask wearing and temperature screening at entrances and exits.

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