Thai Embassy Resumes COE And Visa Issuance For Non-Thai Nationals


The Royal Thai Embassy in New Delhi, India on Monday announced that it will resume the issuance of COE for non-Thai nationals.

It is worth mentioning that the embassy on 25 April 2021 announced the suspension of COE issuance for non-Thai nationals traveling from India to Thailand.

The recent announcement by the Thai Embassy stated;

  • The Embassy will resume the issuance of COE for non-Thai nationals as follows.
    • Diplomats and International Organization officers who are working in Thailand and their family members.
    • Businessmen or experts as per request or approval from Thai authorities or chief executive officers of companies with large amount of investment in Thailand.
    • Non-Thai nationals who have family members residing in Thailand at the time of applying for COE.
  • Please note that COE issuance for the persons in No. 1.2 and 1.3 is subject to the approval from the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) hence may take longer time than usual.
  1. The Embassy will resume visa service for all types of visas except tourist visa. To apply for visa please contact VFS Global or BLS International.

Announcement On Resumption of COE and Visa Issuance

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