Taiwan to Simplify Travel for Indians with Proposed Visa-on-Arrival

Planning a trip to Taiwan from India? Great news! Taiwan is exploring a visa-on-arrival program for Indian travelers, eliminating the need for a pre-trip visa application.

In an exciting development for travellers, Taiwan is considering introducing a visa-on-arrival option for Indian citizens. This move aims to simplify the process for Indian nationals visiting the island nation, potentially revolutionizing travel between the two countries.

Visa Requirements for Indians

Presently, Indian citizens must apply for a visa before embarking on their journey to Taiwan. This process often involves considerable paperwork and waiting times, which can be both time-consuming and cumbersome.

The introduction of a visa-on-arrival option would significantly ease these procedures, making it more convenient for Indian travellers to explore Taiwan’s rich culture, scenic landscapes, and dynamic urban life.

Current Visa-on-Arrival Policy in Taiwan

As of now, Taiwan offers visa-on-arrival to citizens of certain countries under specific conditions. For instance, nationals from countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, and Brunei can enjoy visa-free entry for a stay of up to 14 days.


Travellers eligible for visa-on-arrival must meet criteria such as holding a valid passport with a specified validity period, possessing a confirmed return ticket, and having no criminal record.

The visa-on-arrival is usually granted at major entry points like Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport.

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Potential Benefits Abound

This move holds significant promise for both Taiwan and India. Here’s a breakdown of the positive impacts:


1. Booming Tourism: Easier visa access is expected to attract a surge of Indian tourists eager to experience Taiwan’s vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and bustling cities.

2. Smoother Educational Journey: Over 3,000 Indian students currently pursue their education in Taiwan. A visa-on-arrival program would significantly ease their travel back and forth.

3. Business Boost: Streamlined travel paves the way for increased business opportunities and collaborations between Indian and Taiwanese companies.

4. Strengthened Ties: This policy signifies a positive step towards strengthening the relationship between India and Taiwan.


Following the Trend

Taiwan’s potential visa-on-arrival program follows suit with other Southeast Asian nations like Thailand and Malaysia, which already offer visa-free travel or simplified visa processes for Indian citizens.

Looking Ahead

The introduction of a visa-on-arrival program for Indian nationals would be a significant development. With the growing number of Indian travellers exploring Taiwan, this new policy has the potential to further enhance the connection between the two countries.

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