Stone Mountain Attractions – A Place of Endless Fun


Are you looking for a getaway trip to a place that fulfills all your holiday dreams? Worry no more because Stone Mountain has got your back. This place is near Atlanta, Georgia, and is not only pleasing to the eyes but also promises you a trip that will be quite hard to forget. The majestic mountains lead into Stone Mountain Park, which is just one of the many attractions they have to offer.

It is integral to devise your plan before you embark on the trip to avoid any mishaps and increase the fun factor of the trip. While theme parks are pretty enjoyable, they might not be so pleasant for everyone, especially the elderly or those with heart or blood pressure problems. However, Stonepark provides its visitors an array of options that ensure a blast for all ages.


Stonepark Attractions

A few of the attractions found inside the park are as follows.

Mowgli’s 4D Jungle Adventure

Do you have kids that you feel need more outdoor activities for better intellectual and physical growth? Mowgli’s Jungle Adventure is your perfect place to go if you want to avail yourself of an opportunity to go on an adventure you will remember for a lifetime. It is a pretend live experience with a character called Mowgli, who goes on an expedition to rescue his tiger cubs from their supposed enemies. The trip also includes engaging encounters for kids with various animals, like the black panther, a sloth bear to add a bit of humor to it, and a friendly elephant. Not just this, but the 4D effects only accentuate the place and give the most realistic experience that you can wish for! This attraction comes with a regular park ticket.


Songbird Habitat and Trail

Are you looking for a perfect hike spot in the park? Then head over to Stonepark’s Songbird Habitat that offers a tail meticulously designed on the 1966 Summer Olympic Games venue. Activities like cycling and archery formerly allowed visitors to choose their preferred trails. The Woodland Trail and Meadow Trails are two such trails that are each suited to the needs of those who like studying birds and their habitats. Each of these trails includes a one-mile walk leading into large aviaries that feature several species of birds. These species include Eastern Bluebird, White-Breasted Nuthatch, and Northern Cardinal.

Quarry Exhibit

At times people find it comforting to educate themselves on the historical significance of a particular place. And for people like those, Quarry Exhibit is the perfect place. It features an outdoor setting depicting Stone Mountain’s history with an industry that played a role in its existence. In the early years, Stone Mountain was best known for its granite production, shipped worldwide. Practically, every state still has a building that makes use of this granite. The quarry also features how granite gets excavated and then refined through technology for better manufacturing. Visitors can now avail this portion of the park using a daily or annual pass.

However, all Stone Mountain Attractions do not end here. Besides the rides and theme parks, Stonepark offers its visitors several other ways of entertaining themselves. Festivals feature a variety of interests to suit all audiences and ages.

Pumpkin Festival

This festival features some of the most famous characters from storybooks and folktales that could brighten any person’s day! It offers several activities for children and things to do for adults at night. Not just this, but the festival also has special lighting and graphics that further make the place come alive. After sunset, the new Nighttime Parade allows lights with special effects to illuminate the area. The Pumpkin Festival comes with an Attractions Pass. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Stonepark’s website and book your tickets now before the slots get run out!


Summit Skyride

Are you looking for an ultimate cable car experience to enjoy the mountains? The Summit Skyride brings you a cable car that can carry up to 825 guests or more and takes them up to 825 feet to the top of the mountain. It offers views of the mountain and displays its attractions in the most magnificent way possible. The Atlanta skyline and Appalachain Mountains give the best aerial views anyone could ever dream of, and make sure to make your trip a memorable one. Include the Summit Skyride to your ticket into Stone Park and zoom your way up into the mountains.

The only possible drawback of this place is that the cable cars face untimely closures due to unpredictable weather changes.

A day trip versus staying over in the park for longer

If Stonepark is further away from your place of stay or you do not have the heart to leave it behind just after a day, there are several places where you can stay.

Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

If you have come to the park with a larger group of friends or family and want to feel like you still are in the comfort of your house, then you have come to the right place. The Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort is 21 miles downtown from Atlanta and promises the most luxurious experience to those who choose it. It is not only constructed in the heart of the mountain but also has the best interior. The rooms inside are spacious and give views of green fields, golf courses, and pools in the foreground of the mountains. The area is so massive that it even hosts parties, get-togethers, and even weddings! You can now spend a day or even a week at this resort. All you have to do is add the stay expenditure to your pass into the park.


Last Thoughts

It is an understood fact that Stone Mountain Attractions are a source of endless fun and excitement. Hence, you need to note down the places you would want to visit a few days beforehand to ensure the best time ever.

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