SpiceJet Starts 66 New Domestic Flights From Today: Details Here


Budget carrier SpiceJet had announced the addition of 66 new flights to its domestic network, including additional services on several routes, from March 28.

The airline has recently launched direct flights connecting Delhi to Gangtok, Jalandhar, Srinagar, Gorakhpur, Pushkar.

“Ab Dilli se kuch door nahi! SpiceJet is delighted to introduce direct flights connecting Delhi with Gangtok (Pakyong), Jalandhar (Adampur), Srinagar, Gorakhpur, Ajmer/ Pushkar, Dhaka and many more exciting destinations!” SpiceJet Twitted

SpiceJet New Domestic Flight Routes

Starting from today (28th March 2020), SpiceJet is launching new flies for Ahmedabad-Darbhanga-Ahmedabad, Hyderabad-Darbhanga-Hyderabad, Pune-Darbhanga-Pune, and Kolkata-Darbhanga-Kolkata. Earlier, the company had connected Darbhanga to Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

Similarly, Durgapur will now join Pune. Jharsuguda will now connect Chennai besides Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. While Gwalior, which was earlier associated with Hyderabad, Jammu, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Delhi, will now join Pune as well.

After connecting Nashik with Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, SpiceJet will now connect the city with Kolkata as well. The airline said Pune will first be connected to Darbhanga, Durgapur, Gwalior, Jabalpur, and Varanasi.

SpiceJet’s New Daily Flights

SpiceJet said it will also launch several new flights connecting Srinagar with Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata. Besides, the airline has also launched new non-stop daily flights at Mumbai-Leh, Leh-Srinagar, Srinagar-Mumbai, Hyderabad-Mumbai, Mumbai-Hyderabad, Mumbai-Surat, Surat-Mumbai, Kochi-Pune, Pune-Kochi, jabalpur-pune and pune-jabalpur routes.


Moreover, the airline will enhance its operations at Delhi-Gorakhpur (2ndfrequency), Mumbai-Rajkot (2ndfrequency), Chennai-Madurai (2ndfrequency), Mumbai-Jaipur (2ndfrequency), Bengaluru-Goa (2ndfrequency), Mumbai-Srinagar (Srinagar) with additional frequency.

Fare of SpiceJet’s On Some Popular Routes

FromToStarting Fare
Ahmedabad Bengaluru ₹ 3,963
Kolkata Guwahati ₹ 3,377
Guwahati Delhi ₹ 5,192
Ahmedabad Amritsar ₹ 3,439
Bengaluru Patna ₹ 5,130
Mumbai Ajmer ₹ 4,143
Patna Surat ₹ 4,104

SpiceJet in a statement said that these flights will be operated with Boeing 737s and regional jet Bombardier Q400s, are aimed at augmenting connectivity between metro and non-metro cities as part of its enhanced network.

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