SpiceJet – Process for Credit Shell Utilization


In view of the suspension of flight operations till April 14th, 2020, Spicejet is working towards cancelling all bookings with travel dates from March 25th, 2020 till April 14th, 2020.

Upon cancellation, the entire booking amount will be maintained in a CREDIT SHELL which you may use to make fresh booking and travel till February 28th, 2021 for the same passenger.


Spicejet – Process for Credit Shell Utilization

  • Open www.spicejet.com
  • Search for the desire sector and flight.
  • Select your Flight.
  • Enter PAX Name and Contact Details
  • Select CREDIT SHELL as a payment option
  • Proceed for Booking.
SpiceJet Credit Shell Payment Mode

Please note the credit shell payment option will be available on the Spicejet website from 1st April 2020 onwards.

FAQs on Credit Shell Utilization

Q. What is a credit shell?

Ans. Credit Shell is a form of credit note which can be used to make a new booking with the airline for the same passenger (s) for future travel.

Q. Till when can I use this credit shell?

Ans. A credit shell can be used to make another booking for the same passenger (s) for travel on or before 28th February 2021.

Q) How can I use this credit shell?

Ans. Credit shell can be used to make fresh bookings on our website www.spicejet.com and at the end of the booking process, you can make payment using the “CREDIT SHELL” option.

Q) When can I use the Credit Shell option on the website?

Ans. This option will be available on the Spicejet website from 1st April 2020 onward.

Spicejet Cancellation Fee Waiver

Q. Is SpiceJet providing a cancellation fee waiver on flights due to COVID-19 from 25th March 2020 till 14th April 2020?

Ans. Yes, Passengers who had booked themselves for travel from 25th March 2020 till 14th April 2020 the bookings will be automatically cancelled with zero cancellation fee and a credit shell will be created for the same.

Spicejet Change Fee Waiver

Q. Is Spicejet providing a change fee waiver on flights due to COVID-19?

Ans. Yes. For all new and existing bookings for travel till 31st May 2020. You may reschedule your booking one time for travel till 30th September’2020, without paying any change fees however fare difference if any will be applicable on rescheduled bookings.


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    • Please open mobile browser in desktop mode or simply use Desktop or Laptop you will find the option on Payment page.

    • You have to use your previous PNR and Last Name in the Credit Shell option on the Payment Page.

  1. Can i use credit shell amount partially? Or credit shell amount and remaining balance by spice cash?

      • Thanks for your Info. Also… Can i use credit shell amount in partial? Or i have to use the full amount at one?
        If the ticket i am booking is of less than the amount of credit shell amount.. will th remaining balance be there till the end of Validity?

  2. If I can not use that amount within Feb, what is further step? Why I can not get my amount back to my bank? I have more than 25000. My booking was on May 23 Rd to lay. Can I post pond same ticket to may 2021? Or else please refund it. Good has announce to refund so why you are not refunding? Why did you cancel 23rd may ticket? My return is in indigo still they have not cancel. You could have send mail before cancelling my ticket and asking for postponed. Till now give has not announce any cancellation for 23 Rd May. This is scam

    • There are several reason for the same… please contact airline directly for exact issue.

  3. I have booked ticket on 24th May for travelling on 8th June but due to some personal problems i have cancelled my ticket.While cancelling only one option was there about refunding was Credit Shell.As i opted the option credit shell and processed it further it showed that ticket is cancelled.But while making new booking instantly with the cancelled pnr, it is showing that pnr is invalid or amount is not yet credited in credit shell.Could you confirm me by when shall i get the amount as i need to book other booking.

  4. Please return my hard earned money…if my travel purpose didn’t serve..why should I leave money with u ?
    We dont believe in credit shell and all..this is nothing less than a daylight robbery..
    How come government is not taking any steps to ensure people’s money..

  5. This one is a scam. We got scammed by Spice Jet. There is a link for credit shell, but it will not work. Spice jet crooked us. Shame, I am shifting to other airliners ..

  6. My credit shell last date to book is 31st march so can i book tickets for may in march using credit shell?

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