SpiceJet offers free tickets to flyers who are travelling to Delhi for voting


Low-cost carrier SpiceJet on Monday started a unique initiative Spice Democracy by offering hundreds of free tickets for those who are traveling to Delhi for voting in the upcoming Delhi elections.

Under the SpiceDemocracy offer, the base fare will be completely waived off and travelers need to pay only the taxes and other surcharges.

“No obstacle is big enough to stop us from being a part of our great democracy. Introducing #SpiceDemocracy. If you are a registered voter in Delhi, fly back home with SpiceJet and cast your vote. Your tickets will be on us,” Spicejet said in a tweet.

Spicejet opened the participation for Spice Democracy on 31st January will end on 5th February, after that participation shall not be considered.

Chairman and Managing Director of SpiceJet, Ajay Singh said, “Voting is a big part of democracy and unfortunately a lot of our working population who live away from their homes is unable to exercise this right.”

“Now, SpiceJet gives voters of Delhi, an opportunity like never before to fly home to cast their vote. We will fly you home from anywhere in India and your tickets will be on us. We hope that with SpiceDemocracy, SpiceJet will help build a stronger and even more vibrant Indian democracy,” he added.

How will #SpiceDemocracy initiative work:

  • #SpiceDemocracy initiative is organized by SpiceJet Limited (“SpiceJet”) and is open to all the citizens of India, except for the employees of SpiceJet, their immediate family members, affiliates and/or those related to the agencies involved in whatever manner in connection with this initiative.
  • The initiative is open for participation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • The participants are required to visit the initiative registration page and register themselves by providing their contact details.
  • They need to post on their Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter profiles as to what inspires them to vote in the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections, along with #SpiceDemocracy, and ask their friends/followers to like and share the post.
  • The shortlisted participants of the said initiative shall be notified via SMS/email on 6th February 2020.
  • The shortlisted participants shall also be provided with a link, to book a roundtrip air ticket to Delhi on SpiceJet flight, with depart date between 7th and/ or 8th of February, 2020 and return date between 8th and/ or 9th of February 2020.

The flight tickets booked under the #SpiceDemocracy initiative shall be refundable subject to fulfillment of terms and conditions:

-The shortlisted participants are required to: Fly to Delhi on the aforementioned dates, vote in the Delhi Assembly Elections and upload a selfie on their Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter profile with their inked finger, along with #SpiceDemocracy.

-Get verified at the check-in counter and collect the boarding pass for the return journey and share their travel experience.

-SpiceJet shall gratify the shortlisted participants; with a refund of roundtrip air ticket (base fare only) wherein the date of departure and return being 8th February 2020; with a refund of one-way air ticket (base fare only) wherein date of departure being 7th February 2020 and date of the return being 9th February 2020.


-The shortlisted participants will have to bear all applicable taxes, surcharges, levies and any other additional costs, incurred on the air tickets.

For more details on this, you can visit the official page of Spicejet

The elections for the Delhi Assembly‘s 70 seats will be held on February 8. The results will be declared on February 11.

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