SpiceJet Introduces ‘SpiceLock’ Allow Passengers to Hold Fares Starting at Just ₹99


SpiceJet, an Indian low-cost carrier, has launched a new service called ‘SpiceLock,’ which allows SG customers to lock in their desired fare for 48 hours without providing a name, allowing passengers to plan their journey without worrying about fares getting expensive, availability of seats or finalizing co-passengers.

SpiceLock, Hold Fares For 48 Hours

SpiceJet customers can use the fare-locking service to reserve bookings so that the desired flight does not sell out and the fare does not increase while they finalize their travel plans. The ‘SpiceLock’ service is available with or without a name, making it even more secure and convenient.


Passengers on SpiceJet’s domestic and international flights can now enjoy this service with guaranteed seat and price protection.

SpiceJet gives you an opportunity to hold a selected fare for a period of 48 hours. SpiceLock is only available on flights where the travel date is:

  • 7 days & beyond for Domestic flights.
  • 15 Days & beyond for international flights.

Customers can purchase SpiceLock for a nominal fee beginning at 99/-, as shown in the table below.

Hold TypeDomesticInternational
With NameINR 99/-INR 149/-
Without NameINR 199/-INR 249/-

How to Hold fare using SpiceLock?

Passengers can follow these steps to avail SpiceLock:

  • Opt. for “Hold my Fare” on the search result page.
  • Select the preferred hold fare option – With Name / Without Name.
  • Pay applicable fees to hold the fare for 48 Hours.
  • Confirm booking and payments via the “Manage my booking option” within 48 hours of locking the fare.

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