Spicejet Acqui-Hires Airline Technology Company And Ixigo Subsidiary Travenues


The low-cost airline SpiceJet has acqui-hired the team and technology platform of the Bengaluru-based airline technology company Travenues, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the online travel aggregator Ixigo.

Travenues was launched in 2019 and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ixigo, the AI-based travel app.

While the technology team of Travenues has joined SpiceJet, the latter will inherit the airline technology and trading platform developed by Travenues, which specializes in mobile apps, user experience (UX), engagement, cross-selling, payments and personalization.

Last year, Travenues signed its first technology partnership with SpiceJet to digitally transform its consumer-centric experience.


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Travenues is a technology platform business for travel providers and offers airlines a travel tech airline commerce and aftermarket platform that enables full customization and personalization based on the latest technology.

“This acqui-hire will help SpiceJet strengthen its e-commerce platforms as we continue to innovate across multiple technology areas and achieve our vision of being the worldwide leader in aviation technology,” said Ashish Vikram, chief technology and innovation officer, SpiceJet.

“We are happy that we were able to incubate a startup and build a next generation platform with a motivated tightly-knit team that can truly disrupt airline direct sales and airline commerce. The possibilities this unfolds for SpiceJet are endless!” said Rajnish Kumar, co-founder & CTO, ixigo.


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