Singapore: Updates For Travelers Applying For Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP)


Singapore Airlines, the flagship carrier of Singapore has issued an update for foreign visitors who are eligible to enter Singapore under Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL).

In its update, the Airline stated that effective 17th Dec 2021 the VTP applications are now only open for passengers intending to enter Singapore for 3-60 days.

It must be noted that the Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) applications were previously opened only 07 days prior to the intended travel date.

For passengers entering after the above date range, they are advised to apply later. Please refer to the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website for more details.


It is worth mentioning that VTP is only required for short-term visitors and long-term pass holders entering Singapore. Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents returning to Singapore are not required to apply for VTP.

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Vaccinated Travel Pass

  • Short-term visitors (STVs) and long-term pass holders (LTPHs) need to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP), except for children aged 12 and below
  • All Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents (SCPRs) do not need to apply for VTP
  • Travelers will be required to upload their proof of vaccination during application. VTP will only be issued after vaccination certificate has been authenticated and verified.
  • Vaccination certificates from Brunei, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE currently cannot be digitally verified
  • Those applying for a VTP from these countries will not required to upload vax cert; airlines and ICA officers at arrival immigration will have to manually check the vax certs of those with VTPs from these countries.
  • Identified by VTP letter code: “BRN”, “IDN”, “UAE”, “SAU”

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