Singapore To Start Accept Covid-19 Digital Travel Pass From Next Month


The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) on Monday said that starting from next month (May 2021) the country will accept visitors who use a mobile travel pass containing digital certificates for COVID-19 tests and vaccines.

This comes after a collaboration between the CAAS and IATA to facilitate seamless and efficient travel through digital certificates of COVID-19 tests.

The IATA Travel Pass is a personal secure digital wallet solution that can be used by passengers to obtain and store their COVID-19 test results from accredited laboratories. Such solutions will help drive the adoption of digital health certificates and facilitate the secure verification of the health credentials of travelers. This is a positive step towards smooth air travel and safeguarding public health.  

Following the successful trials by Singapore Airlines, the Singapore health and border control authorities will accept the IATA Travel Pass as a valid form of presentation of COVID-19 pre-departure test results for entry into Singapore.


The information presented on the IATA Travel Pass will be in a format that satisfies Singapore’s prevailing COVID-19 pre-departure test requirements for entry into Singapore.

CAAS and IATA will be working on further enhancements to the IATA Travel Pass. This includes enabling QR code scanning by immigration officers and back-end transmission of health credentials from the IATA Travel Pass to the airlines’ and immigration authorities’ systems for pre-boarding and pre-arrival clearance, as well as including digital vaccination certificates in the IATA Travel Pass.

The IATA Travel Pass app will be available for download in the second half of April. It is being trialed by more than 20 airlines, including Singapore Airlines.

Travelers to Singapore intending to use the IATA Travel Pass should check with the airline they are traveling with for eligibility to use the IATA Travel Pass.


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