Singapore to Eases Travel Restrictions for Non-Fully Vaccinated Visitor

Singapore is making progress in its fight against COVID-19 as it announces the easing of restrictions for non-fully vaccinated travelers. The removal of the negative pre-departure test requirement and the easing of mask-wearing rules is a step towards the normalization of life in the country.

Singapore is taking significant steps towards exiting the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, as health authorities announce the removal of certain travel restrictions for non-fully vaccinated travellers entering the country.

Effective from February 13, Singapore will no longer require travellers who are not fully vaccinated to show Covid-19 test results or purchase Coronavirus travel insurance, the government’s virus task force said on Thursday.

However, all travellers entering Singapore via air or sea must still submit a health declaration before or on arrival, according to the Ministry of Health.

The further relaxation of pre-departure travel and mask requirements is a sign that COVID-19 is becoming an endemic and the “new norm” for Singapore.


Vaccinated travel lanes, which were opened in April 2022 to facilitate safe international travel, will remain “for reactivation” in case of any international developments of concern, such as new variants. The country’s COVID task force, which was created in January 2020, will also be deactivated.

Mask-Wearing Rules Eased

Mask-wearing on public transport and in indoor health settings will no longer be mandatory, but the Ministry of Health encourages the public to continue wearing masks if they show any symptoms.

Mask-wearing will still be required in places such as hospital wards, clinics, and nursing homes where there is interaction with patients and indoor patient-facing areas.

In conclusion, the easing of COVID-19 restrictions for non-fully vaccinated travellers and the removal of mask-wearing rules in public transport and indoor health settings is a significant step towards the normalization of life in Singapore.


Despite this progress, authorities encourage the public to continue practising safe health measures to maintain control of the pandemic.

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