Singapore Airlines Begins Flights With Fully Vaccinated Crew


Rejuvenating country’s status as an international travel hub, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has fully vaccinated its all of crew members against COVID-19 and began its flight operations on Thursday.

Singapore Airlines said Thursday’s three flights with a fully vaccinated crew – to Jakarta, Bangkok and Phnom Penh – were among the first in the world.

“Pilots and cabin crew on three international flights from Singapore had received both of the required doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine”, informed the airline.

Not only this, but the Singapore government has also urged national airline workers to sign up for their vaccination program to make SIA the world’s first airline to have all employees vaccinated against COVID-19

  • According to the airline, more than 90% of its cabin crew and pilots have signed up for the vaccine.
  • Around 85% of those have received at least the first dose, and many have begun getting the second dose, it added.
  • SIA expects all those who have signed up to receive the second dose by the end of March.

Furthermore, according to industry data chart, Singapore, a major international trade and travel hub, lacks a domestic travel market and international travel is expected to take until 2024 to rebound to pre-covid levels.

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