Sikkim To Require Negative RT-PCR Certificate For Entry


As the number of Coronavirus cases went out of control in the whole country, the Sikkim Govt. has imposed strict restrictions on the inter-state travelers and makes negative RT-PCR test reports to enter Sikkim.

Moreover, the Sikkim govt has also urged all tourism stakeholders to ensure that only those with negative RT-PCR tests, which they have obtained 72 hours prior to entry in the state will be allowed.

The state government issued a circular regarding this and suggests that more rigorous steps are to be taken by Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Operators, and Tourism service providers and in exercising vigilance to monitor tourists and travelers for symptoms and having suspect cases subjected to RT-PCR testing, in order that persons found positive and infected are isolated and do not pose threat to the community in spreading the infections.

Negative RT-PCR tests obtained within 72 hours prior to entry in Sikkim, are to be strictly checked at the Hotels and various accommodation units before allowing Tourists and Travelers to stay on the premises.


All Tourist Stakeholder Associations-Presidents, Secretaries, and office bearers are to strictly advise their member establishments to comply with Government Directives and discharge the responsibility of containing Covid infections seriously and with utmost sincerity, the circular stated.

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