Schengen Visa Applications Surge to Over 7.5 Million in 2022: Reports


Schengen visa embassies located worldwide have reported a total of 7,572,755 short-term visa applications in 2022, which marks a significant increase compared to the two previous years.

However, the number of visa applications is still 55 per cent lower than the number of visas processed in 2019 before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, reported SchengenVisaInfo.


Schengen Countries Record a Decrease in Visa Applications

According to data reported by the Schengen countries, in 2022, a total of 5,939,896 visas were granted, while 17.9 per cent of the applications were rejected. This rejection rate is quite higher than the one marked in 2019 (9.9 per cent).

In 2019, the Schengen countries recorded 16,955,541 applications, which significantly decreased to 2,924,365 in 2020 and 2,926,104 in 2021.


France Leads the Way in Visa Applications

France remains the top Schengen country in terms of most visa applications received, with a quarter of all Schengen applications submitted at French embassies, consulates and visa centres. Spain follows closely behind France, followed by Germany.

These three countries have held the top positions for years when it comes to the volume of applications for a Schengen visa.

Türkiye Occupies the First Spot

Türkiye now occupies the first spot with 778,409 applications, leaving Russia second with 687,239, and India third with 671,928 applications. In 2019, the top three markets of applicants were Russia, China, and India. However, in 2022, China is listed in the 22nd position.

However, despite being at the top of the table, the number of Turkish citizens applying for Schengen visas has also dropped from 906,862 applications in 2019 to 778,409 in 2022.


The Drop-in Visa Applications from Russian Citizens

The countries that issued the most visas to Russian citizens in 2022 were Spain, Italy, and Finland. However, if the trends continue, the number of Russians obtaining visas by the end of 2023 will drop even more.

The Reason for the Drop in Visa Applications from Chinese Citizens

The case of China is quite different, as the main reason behind the drop in the number of new Chinese applicants for Schengen visas has been prompted by China itself.

The Bureaucracy of Schengen Visa Applications

Applying for a Schengen visa requires travellers to go through several procedures and collect a list of documents. Recently, travellers have become more and more frustrated with the number of these documents that they are required to submit at the visa centres.

They have been calling on the EU authorities to remove the bureaucracy, which makes the visa application process time-consuming and daunting.


(With Inputs from Schengen Visa Info)

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