Saudi Arabia Urges Citizens To Avoid Unnecessary Travel


The Public Health Authority (Weqaya), has recommended avoiding unnecessary travel outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially to high-risk countries.

Given the significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, the emergence of the “Omicron” mutant, and the accelerated rapid spread of the virus in many countries, which prompted these countries to tighten preventive measures and suspend some social activities.

Weqaya also recommends that travelers coming from outside the Kingdom, whether citizens or residents, regardless of their immunization status, avoid social contact for at least five days, and take the “COVID-19” PCR test in the event of respiratory symptoms or a temperature rise.

In the same context, “Weqaya” recommends that incoming travelers adhere to preventive measures, most notably:

  • Wearing a mask all the time
  • Avoiding crowded and public places
  • Constantly sterilizing hands, and avoiding shaking hands
  • Stressing the importance of precautions
  • Immunization with two doses, and
  • Immediately take the booster dose.

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Manish Khandelwal
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