Saudi Arabia To Required Minimum 90-Day Validity of Passport to Issue Re-entry Visa


According to the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat), the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be required a passport must be valid for at least 90 days in order to be issued an Exit and Re-Entry visa for expatriates.

The Jawazat emphasized that the exit and re-entry visa shall be valid for three months for travel from the date of issuing of the visa if the duration is given in months (60, 90, and 120 days).

The visa’s validity will be calculated from the date of travel. However, if the duration is limited to a set number of days or if the return date is set, the term of the visa will be calculated from the day of issuance.

Exit And Re-Entry Visa Fees

According to the Jawazat, the price for granting a single exit and re-entry visa is SR200 (₹4150) for a single trip with a maximum time of two months, and SR100 (₹2077) for each extra month, within the limitations of the residency permit’s validity period (iqama).


The fee for obtaining a multiple exit and re-entry visa is SR500 for multiple visits for a maximum of three months, and SR200 for each extra month, within the restrictions of the iqama’s validity term.

It is important to note that an expatriate travelling must have a valid visa and a valid travel document, as well as totally comply with the conditions and requirements to enter the destination country.

3-Year Ban On Expatriate Holding Exit And Re-Entry Visa And Not Returned

Recently, the Jawazat of Saudi Arabia has announced a three years ban on any expatriate who leaves the Kingdom with an exit and re-entry visa and does not return within the specified time frame.

If an expatriate does not return within the time period specified in their visas, the employer will be required to issue a new visa.


A Saudi exit/re-entry visa is required for beneficiaries who have family members or domestic workers outside of Saudi Arabia, as well as employees who intend to leave Saudi Arabia and return within a certain time frame.

The Jawazat also said that it is no longer necessary to visit the Passport Department to register an expatriate who has left the country on an Exit and Re-Entry visa and has not returned, as was earlier required.

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