Saudi Arabia To Offer Covid-19 Vaccine For Visit Visa Holders


The health authority of Saudi Arabia has decided to give the Covid-19 vaccine to visit visa holders, visitors to the kingdom can now get the Covid-19 vaccination at designated centers.

The Health Ministry has facilitated the registration and giving appointments for visit visa holders to receive coronavirus vaccine shots at designated vaccination centers in various regions of the Kingdom.

The Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia has asked visitors to call phone No 937 to learn about those vaccination centers.

Earlier, the ministry restricted vaccination only for Saudi citizens and expatriates and their families in the Kingdom and this is after completing the registration procedures and booking appointments via the Sehhaty application. Now, visit visa holders are also included in this category.


It is noteworthy that the Kingdom has so far administered a total of around 44.5 million vaccine jabs and these included 23.9 million first doses and 20.6 million second doses.

The Kingdom is soon going to achieve herd immunity against coronavirus by intensifying the vaccination campaign to ensure receiving two doses of the approved vaccines by all the remaining members of the society.

The Ministry of Interior has eased the precautionary measures and preventive protocols for those who received two doses of the vaccine to move outdoor without either wearing masks or maintaining social distancing effective from Sunday.

The ministry also allowed full capacity at the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah as well as at wedding halls and restaurants for the fully vaccinated people.


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