Saudi Arabia Opens Doors for Skilled Expats with New Streamlined Visa Process

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia has implemented a new "professional verification" service to streamline the visa process for skilled expat workers.

Great news for job seekers! Saudi Arabia is making it easier for qualified foreign workers to secure employment opportunities in the Kingdom. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has launched a new “professional verification” service, aiming to streamline the visa process for skilled expats.

What is the Professional Verification Service?

This initiative is designed to ensure that foreign workers entering Saudi Arabia possess genuine academic qualifications and relevant experience for the jobs they are applying for.

The program operates through a unified electronic platform, collaborating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 128 countries worldwide. This aligns with Cabinet Resolution No. 195.

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Benefits for Expat Workers

Faster Visa Processing: The streamlined automated process promises quicker verification of your qualifications, potentially leading to a faster work visa application process.

Increased Job Opportunities: This initiative signifies Saudi Arabia’s openness to attracting skilled foreign workers, potentially leading to a wider range of job opportunities for qualified expats.

What Does the Verification Process Entail?

The focus is on verifying the authenticity of your academic qualifications and ensuring they align with the requirements of the specific profession you are applying for.

The MHRSD will compare your qualifications against the Unified Saudi Classification of Professions and the Unified Saudi Classification of Educational Levels and Specialties.


The Future of Professional Verification

The MHRSD plans to expand this program to cover all professions, including engineering and healthcare, and eventually encompass over 160 countries. This signifies a long-term commitment to attracting a diverse pool of skilled workers to contribute to the Saudi Arabian job market.

What Does It Mean for Job Seeker?

If you are a skilled professional with relevant qualifications and experience, this is a great opportunity to explore job opportunities in Saudi Arabia. The new verification process aims to make the visa application process more efficient and transparent, potentially opening doors to a rewarding career path in the Kingdom.

Understanding Saudi Work Visa

For those seeking employment in Saudi Arabia, understanding the work visa process is essential. The Saudi work visa allows foreign nationals to work in the country, provided they meet the necessary qualifications and have secured employment with a Saudi employer.

The work visa process involves several steps, including obtaining a job offer, securing the appropriate professional verification, and coordinating with the relevant Saudi ministries.


Final Words

In summary, Saudi Arabia’s professional verification initiative represents a significant step toward creating a more regulated and productive labor market. The MHRSD aims to enhance job quality and opportunities for skilled workers in the Kingdom by ensuring that expatriates possess the necessary qualifications and skills.

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