Saudi Arabia Lifts All Covid-19 Travel Restrictions For International Tourists


In a bid to make the country one of the most open in the world to international tourists, the Govt of Saudi Arabia has withdrawn all COVID-related entry restrictions for holders of tourist visas.

Now, international travellers to Saudi Arabia will no longer need to quarantine on arrival or present evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result.

This relaxation of limitations on leisure, business, and religious travellers is the most extensive amendment of travel restrictions since Saudi Arabia initially opened its doors to international tourists in September 2019.

“We welcome this decision by the central government, which protects both lives and livelihoods while welcoming travellers back to Saudi,” said Ahmad Al-Khateeb, Minister of Tourism for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


“The return to pre-pandemic levels of openness was made possible by our country’s ambitious vaccination program and other successful efforts to minimize the spread of the virus. By reducing costs and inconveniences for travellers, we are also supporting the many thousands of people who depend on tourism, while driving revenue to companies that have been severely affected by the pandemic.”

New Rules For Travellers

  • International traveller to Saudi will no longer need to present proof of vaccination or a PCR test to enter the country.
  • Institutional quarantine requirements will be entirely removed, and all travelers from the countries currently red-listed will be allowed entry.
  • Social distancing rules will be lifted across the country, including Makkah and Madinah, and masks will be required in enclosed public places only.
  • Fees for all visa categories will include a nominal fee for medical insurance for COVID-19.

Saudi Arabia reopened its borders to international leisure travellers in September 2019, fewer than six months after they were closed because of the pandemic.

The country amended its tourism strategy to focus on increasing domestic tourism, launching 11 new destinations and developing over 270 tourism packages. As a result, Saudi Arabia experienced two years of consecutive increases in leisure travel without a corresponding increase in COVID cases.

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