Saudi Arabia Doubled the Fees for Iqama Renewals and Re-Entry Visa Extensions


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s government has decided to double the fees for renewing residency, exit, and re-entry visas for residents living outside the Kingdom. On Friday, December 30, 2022, the Saudi Council of Ministers approved the new amendment.

Revised Fees for Iqama Renewals & Re-Entry Visa Extension

Exit Re-Entry Visa, Multiple Entry Visa Extension

The fee for a single exit and re-entry visa is 200 Saudi Riyals for two months and 100 Saudi Riyals for each additional month if the resident expat is in Saudi Arabia.

If the resident expat is outside of Saudi Arabia, the fee for extending the exit re-entry visa will be doubled, to 200 Saudi Riyals for one month.

Similarly, if the resident expat is in Saudi Arabia, the fee for a multiple-entry visa is 500 Saudi Riyals for three months and 200 SR for an additional month.


If a resident expatriate wishes to extend multiple entry visas for a month while outside Saudi Arabia, the fee will be doubled, and the extension of the entry visa for one month will cost 400 Saudi Riyals.

Iqama Renewals

The Saudi Cabinet also approved an amendment to the Residency Law pertaining to the renewal of Iqama permits for expatriate and domestic worker companions.

According to the new amendment, the fee for renewing an iqama when an expat worker is outside Saudi Arabia will be double that of what they pay within Saudi Arabia via the Ministry of Interior’s online portal.

The Council of Ministers also approved changes to the Residency and Travel Documents systems, allowing Saudi citizens to obtain a passport in as little as 24 hours.


According to the Saudi Gazette, the Saudi Cabinet agreed to add a paragraph to Article 12 of the Travel Documents Law that allows Saudi nationals to obtain and renew a passport within 24 hours for a fee of 500 Saudi Riyals.

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