Saudi Arabia Announced Free Extension of Iqamas, Visas of Expats Till Nov 30


The General Directorate of Passports, Saudi Arabia has started to automatically extend the validity of residence permits (Iqama) for expatriates outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to extending the validity of visit visas and exit and re-entry visas without fees or charges for all expatriates until 30th Nov 2021.

The free extension of the validity period of iqamas and visas granted by the finance minister at the directives of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman is part of the continuous efforts taken by the government to ensure the safety of citizens and residents and to mitigate its economic and financial impacts on them.

It is important to note that the extension will be done automatically in cooperation with the National Information Center and expats didn’t need to do anything to extend the validity of their Iqamas, Visas.

Currently, the countries facing the travel ban are;

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Indonesia
  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Ethiopia
  • Vietnam
  • Afghanistan and
  • Lebanon

The extension process is as follows:

  • Extending the validity of residence permits as well as exit and re-entry visas for residents who are in the countries from which entry is suspended as a result of Coronavirus until 30/11/2021.
  • Extending the validity of visit visas for visitors who are in the countries from which entry is suspended as a result of the Coronavirus until 30/11/2021.

Saudi Arabia Allow Entry of Fully Vaccinated Expats

Recently, Saudi Arabia has allowed direct entry of fully vaccinated expatriates from countries facing travel ban (Red List Countries).

However, this will be applicable only to those who have left the Kingdom on exit and re-entry visas after taking both doses of vaccine against coronavirus from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Lifts Travel Ban

Earlier this week Saudi Arabia has lifted the travel ban on United Arab Emirates (UAE), South Africa, and Argentina effective from 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

The decision comes on the basis of the report submitted by the competent health authorities about the stable coronavirus pandemic situation in these countries.


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