Russia To Resume Flights To India And 3 Other Countries From January 27


Russia is going to resume flights with India, Finland, Vietnam and Qatar from January 27, 2021.

Russia had suspended flights between Moscow and the capital cities of Finland, India, Vietnam and Qatar due to Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

The official statement said that 4 countries were seeing less than 20 new cases per week per 100,000 citizens.

Over the past day, 24,092 coronavirus cases were confirmed across 85 Russian regions, including 3,113 cases (12.9 per cent) that were detected actively, with people showing no clinical symptoms,” the center said, adding that the cumulative case count has now reached 3,544,623, with the rate of increase at 0.7 per cent.


The crisis centre has decided to resume reciprocal flights with twice a week frequency between Moscow-Hanoi, Moscow-Helsinki and St. Petersburg-Helsinki, Moscow-New Delhi and Moscow- Doha.

However, Vietnam is still not clear whether it will reopen its travel corridors amid fears of introducing new variants of the virus into the country.

Flights have been suspended in early January between Hanoi-UK and Hanoi-South Africa.

However, as of now, Vietnam is only allowing repatriation flights and all inbound international travel is suspended, temporarily.


The coronavirus response centre of Russia stated on Saturday that the country had registered 24,092 covid cases in last 24 hours which was down from 24,715 as of the previous day count.

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