Register On Seva Sindhu Portal Before Entering Karnataka: Govt

People coming from other states of the country except those from Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu, will have to follow 14-day home quarantine once they arrive. There is more...

As per the revised Karnataka state government order, it is mandatory for all passengers to register on the Seva Sindhu portal before starting their journey.

“The registration on Seva Sindhu portal is mandatory for all persons coming in or transiting, through Karnataka by providing the correct information about their contact number and destination address.

“All transport companies such as airlines, railways and, road transport companies are required to ensure that their passengers have done the registration on Seva Sindhu Portal for the relevant mode of transport before boarding the flight, train or bus,” read the order.

As per the order,

  • People coming from Maharashtra are subjected to a 7-day institutional quarantine, followed by a 7-day home quarantine.
  • While people from Delhi and Tamil Nadu are subjected to a 3-day institutional quarantine and an 11-day home quarantine.
  • People coming from states other than Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu will have to undergo a 14-day home quarantine.
  • The other quarantine norms including those for business travelers, transit travelers and special category travelers will have to go with the protocol issued by the Health & Family Welfare Department.

“It is because of returnees from other states the cases have increased, not because of the local (intra-state) movement, so we have to control people coming from outside, we have to quarantine them and have to tighten measures. We are making honest efforts in this regard,” chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa announced.

And, as per the PTI, the chief minister also said that there are no plans for any lockdown, and the government will request the Prime Minister for more relaxations.

India’s largest airline service, IndiGo also notified about the orders on its twitter handle.

You can visit for more updates by IndiGo.

Here are the regulations and SOPs issued for travelers by the Karnataka state government: Download

To register on the Seva Sindhu portal, click here

The number of coronavirus cases has risen sharply in Karnataka, and most positive cases are registered by people returning from other countries. According to the Ministry of Health, there have been 7,000 positive virus cases since the outbreak.


Of the total of 7,000 cases in the state, 4,386 are returnees from Maharashtra and have 1,340 contacts.

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