Rajasthan is now open for tourism, finally!

Rajasthan is now open for a visit! And thats not all, the department has also waived off ticket fee! Read and Know more.

A week after opening monuments, parks and museums, Rajasthan now re-opens hotels, restaurants, and the two tiger reserves at Sariska and Ranthambore.

Rajasthan opened the state-operated monuments and museums publicly from June 2 and have received over 3,000 visitors in only four days, according to the department of Rajasthan tourism, art and culture.

And now, Rajasthan opened the ASI monuments and museums across the country today, on June 8.

The monuments, except those that fall into containment zones and curfew areas, are open four days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) for the first two weeks with established social distance protocols.


 “Most of the visitors are local people. It is a good sign that they are now coming out and willing to follow all the protocols and social distancing norms that have been put in place. We wanted it this way, to start things locally first.

This will create confidence among travellers when domestic travel opens up in coming months. This also sends out a message that Rajasthan is safe to travel”, said Sreya Guha, principal secretary of tourism, art and culture.

People have been cooped up in their homes for almost two-and-a-half-months. So when the govt. opened the museums and monuments, it gave them opportunity to come out and relax themselves with these exciting places.

In an interview with ETTravelWorld last week, Guha had said that the state is going to re-open all wildlife destinations, all the other ecological parks, forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries like, Jhalana Forest Reserve and Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • But the two tiger reserves in Sariska and Ranthambore would remain closed.
  • And what’s even more and exciting is that the department had offered free entry for the first and second week to attract more tourists.
  • But 50% ticket fee will be charged from the third week onwards, as per a notification from the department.

However, putting SOPs in place, People without mask are not allowed to enter premises.

The seating capacity will be reduced by 50 percent to ensure compliance with social distancing regulations and children under 10 and people over 65 will not be able to participate in safaris.

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