Rajasthan Announces Complete Lockdown From 10-24 May: Check New Guidelines


In a bid to control the spread of Coronavirus in the state, the govt of Rajasthan on Thursday announced a strict statewide lockdown from May 10 to May 24. The lockdown in Rajasthan will start at 5 am on May 10 and will end at 5 am on May 24.

The state has now announced a ban on marriage celebrations till May 31. Marriages only at home or in court with only 11 people. All religious places to be shut imposes a temporary ban on large gatherings.

Moreover, it is mandatory for all travelers coming from outside the state to submit a negative RT-PCR test report conducted within 72 hours. If any passenger failed to submit a negative test report he/she will be quarantined for 15 days.

The decision to impose a strict lockdown in the state was taken at a virtual meeting of the state cabinet. In the meeting, it was decided that a lockdown was required to break the chain of transmission.


Guidelines For Lockdown In Rajasthan

  • There will be a strict lockdown in Rajasthan from 5 am on May 10 to 5 am on May 24.
  • There will be a ban on organizing any wedding till May 31. No permission will be granted for any wedding-related event in this period.
  • Permission will be given for court marriages and to organize weddings at home with the condition that more than 11 people will not be allowed to participate in it. The family where the wedding is being organized will have to submit details at Covidinfo.rajasthan.gov.in
  • No permission will be given to employing a DJ, sound system, catering service, etc. for these weddings.
  • Owners of marriage halls, catering and tent service providers will have to either return the advance amount paid by customers for weddings in this period or mutually agree to organize the wedding at a later date.
  • In rural areas, since several laborers have tested positive for Covid-19, all MGNREGA-related works will remain suspended till further orders.
  • All religious places will remain closed during the lockdown.
  • All private and public vehicles except those engaged in medical services will remain off-road during the lockdown.
  • Inter and intra-state movement of goods and commodities will be permitted.
  • All intra-state travels between districts, cities, and villages will be barred during the lockdown except for medical and other emergency services.
  • Any person visiting the state from any other state will have to produce a negative RT-PCR report that is not older than 72 hours.
  • Anyone who does not provide a negative RT-PCR report will be quarantined for 15 days.
  • To prevent migrant workers from returning to their native states, all industrial and construction activities will be permitted during the lockdown.
  • Shops dealing in construction-related products and services will be allowed to operate.

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