Railways Continue To Operate Clone Trains Post-COVID: Check Schedule Here


Considering the high success of the clone trains, Indian Railways on Friday has said that it’ll continue to run the services of these special trains even after the COVID period.

Railway Board Chairman, VK Yadav has said that the experimentation of running the clone trains has been successful and hence the Indian Railways has decided to continue with the operations of these special trains.

Yadav further said that these clone trains have current occupancy of 72 – 80 percent. Usually, special clone trains are run on routes where the waiting list tickets are above 150 percent.

Clone trains are duplicate trains on high demand routes. Indian Railways started 40 pairs of new special trains or ‘clone’ trains from September 21. This was the very first time that the Indian Railways ran 40 ‘clone’ or duplicate trains on high-demand routes.


Notably, these trains were in addition to the 310 special trains which were already operational. These trains were run one or two hours before the departure of already operating special trains. However, the time period and the stoppages were limited to operational halts.

While the tickets for 19 pairs of those trains were charged at the Humsafar Express rates, it’ll be at par with the Janshatabdi Express rates for the clone train between Lucknow and Delhi.

  • According to Indian Railways, 10 trains (5 pairs) were operating between Bihar and Delhi under the East Central Railways.
  • The Northern Railway was running 10 trains (5 pairs) operating between Delhi and Bihar and back, West Bengal to Delhi, Punjab to West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh to Delhi among others.
  • The South Central Railway was operating two trains between Danapur (Bihar) to Secunderabad and back.
  • The South Western Railway was operating 6 trains (3 pairs) between Goa and Delhi, Karnataka-Bihar, and Karnataka-Delhi.
  • The Western Railway was running 10 trains (5 pairs) between Bihar (Darbhanga)-Gujarat (Ahmedabad), Delhi-Gujarat, Bihar (Chhapra) to Gujarat (Surat), Mumbai-Punjab, Gujarat(Ahmedabad)-Bihar (Patna).

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